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Michael Feeley

Training Coordinator

Michael Feeley joined Exec-Comm in January 2014. He manages training programs for communication skills, focused on improving presentation, meeting, leadership, and selling skills. Mike works closely with clients and internal teams to provide top quality training programs.

Before joining Exec-Comm, Mike worked as an enumerator for the U.S. Census Bureau. His easygoing, friendly style made him successful at going door-to-door to collect information for the 2010 census in Downtown Brooklyn.  Prior to that, he worked with Island Resources Corp, a recycling company in Long Island. There, he used Python programming language to create a user-friendly cost benefit analysis program to help clients better understand their needs and identify the most cost-effective way to achieve them.

Mike earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Sustainable Urban Environments from NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering. He currently lives in Sheepshead Bay in South Brooklyn. Mike is an avid fan of WWE, and enjoys going to the gym, reading, amusement parks, and traveling.

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