Leticia Kahl

Facilitator, N. America

Leticia Kahl, known to her friends as Tisha, joined Exec-Comm as a Facilitator. Tisha helps managers and executives to improve their presence and overall communication skills. She is passionate about communicating successfully with others, working as a team to reach a common goal, and helping others meet their potential.

Past Experience

Tisha’s work experience spans several industries: advertising, automotive, and consumer packaging. Learning to adapt to the various industries honed her communication skills. She has 30+ years of experience working with international Fortune 500 companies. Her desire to understand cross-cultural communications inspired her to learn different languages. She speaks English, Filipino, German, and Spanish.


Ateneo de Manila University

Bacherlor's Degree,

Communication Arts

Schiller International University

Master's Degree,

International Management

Fun Facts

Tisha enjoys the arts, international cuisine, and travel. She is a flamenco dancer who holds a Tae Kwon do black belt. In her free time, she volunteers as a grant writer for Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco. To relax, Tisha enjoys cooking healthy meals and walking her dog.