Tanya Morgenthaler

Senior Manager

Tanya Morgenthaler started her career at Exec-Comm as a coordinator in 2008. She managed executive communication skills training programs for six years. Tanya now leads and trains the team of coordinators. She works closely with the team to ensure a collaborative and productive work environment, and oversees large-scale training rollouts. Internally, Tanya and her “eagle eye” play critical roles on the Quality Design, Sales, Recruiting and Onboarding, and Diversity and Inclusion teams.

Past Experience

Before joining Exec-Comm, Tanya worked with disabled college students at LaGuardia Community College. There she tutored in subjects such as Accounting, English, and Math. Additionally, she prepared students for future success by developing their time management skills.


St. John's University

Bachelor's Degree, Business Management, magna cum laude

Fun Facts

In recognition of her academic achievements, she was inducted into the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society and the Sigma Iota Epsilon Management Honor Society. Tanya lives on Long Island with her husband and three kids.

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