Tetsuya Hanada

Consultant, APAC

As part of Exec-Comm’s Asia Pacific team, Tetsuya Hanada expands the firm’s global footprint from Tokyo. Exec-Comm is pleased to leverage his talents to help executives improve their writing, presentation, and client management skills. Tetsuya conducts trainings at leading companies, lectures at universities, and provides private communication instruction for well-known public figures. He speaks and teaches in Japanese and English.

Other Experience

Prior to joining Exec-Comm, Tetsuya worked for Mitsubishi Trading, then decided to pursue a career in teaching English. He was the top instructor in student evaluations at Essence English School for over five years. Tetsuya left to found Hanada Juku, a regular TOEIC® Test seminar in Shinjuku, Tokyo in 2009. With his focus on business-tested, practical English skills, Hanada has become tremendously popular with students, teaching not only TOEIC® Test know-how, but also skills for business presentation and writing.


University of Southern California

Bachelor's Degree, Communications

Fun Facts

A native of Kanagawa, he moved overseas to the United States after high school, then returned to Japan after university. Tetsuya lives in Tokyo, Japan.