Owen Sterling


At Exec-Comm, Owen works with facilitators as a virtual producer, helping to ensure programs run smoothly over a variety of online meeting platforms. He’s often seen in virtual classrooms, running the meeting’s technical side and providing tech related solutions to participants if any problems arise. As a computer science student, he also works on data analysis and is on call to help with any of the IT team’s projects and initiatives.

Past Experience

Owen is currently studying Computer Science in Rochester, and has a deep passion for programming, game design, and computer engineering. Born and raised in New York City, he takes pride in being a City Year New York alumnus, where he taught math and supported middle schoolers in Queens. During his summers he spends his time teaching pre-kindergartens about science, art, animals, and much more at The Art Farm NYC.

Fun Facts

In his free time, Owen applies his programming knowledge as a freelance game and web developer. To relax, he usually plays his favorite games with friends, sharpens his programming skills, or reads a good book.