Dan Vicente

Director of Operations and Technology

Dan Vicente serves as the Director of Operations and Technology, overseeing crucial domains including Technology, Operations,  Production, Shipping, and the Exec-Comm office. Within this capacity, Dan assumes responsibility for network strategy, implementation, and security, as well as procurement of technology used both internally and externally for workshop facilitation. His commitment to seamless operations is evidenced by his proactive collaboration across various internal committees and his close partnership with the firm’s key stakeholders to drive strategic initiatives. Additionally, he spearheads the management of Exec-Comm’s Learning Management System and Intranet, meticulously designing, creating, and curating content to create sustainable learning journeys for participants and build community.

In Action

Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Presence - Dan Vicente @ Exec-Comm

Past Experience

When Dan isn’t working, he is an integral member of a braintrust dedicated to leading a charitable initiative known as Comics Curing Cancer (C3). Serving as an official campaign under the auspices of the American Cancer Society, C3 is steadfastly committed to fundraising for cancer research, with the overarching mission of vanquishing the formidable adversary that is cancer. Over the course of its three-year tenure, C3 has galvanized support and raised an impressive sum exceeding $80,000, demonstrating a tangible impact in the ongoing battle against cancer.

Fun Facts

Residing in Brooklyn alongside his wife, Dan shares his abode with Rupert, a newly rescued feline companion.