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Our team of talented consultants partner with clients to design and deliver effective communication skills solutions. Click on an individual to learn more.
Allison Barrett Marketing Specialist
Lisa Bennis Consultant, N. America
Pam Burns Director, N. America
Christopher Butler Consultant, LATAM
Tony Capone Consultant, N. America
Robert Chen Partner
Tetsuya Hanada Consultant, APAC
Sam Jones Consultant, EMEA
Beat Kropf Consultant, EMEA
Mallika Lecoeur Consultant, EMEA
Brittany Marmanillo Consultant, N. America
Diane McCulloch Consultant, N. America
Apolinario (Jun) Medalla Partner
Morry Morgan Consultant, APAC
Katrina Murphy Consultant, N. America
Kayla Nales Associate Consultant, N. America
David Nevin Consultant, APAC
Joe Rigney Partner
Sean Romanoff Director, N. America
Heather Segal Managing Director
Gisele Simmons Consultant, N. America
Michele Smith Director, N. America
Amy Staub Director, N. America
Jim Sterling Partner
Jay Sullivan Managing Partner
Anne Teutschel Consultant, N. America
Danny Tsang Regional Director, APAC
Ching Valdezco Consultant, N. America & Head, Global Facilitator Team
Sai Yan Consultant, APAC
Bei Zhou Consultant, APAC