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Vote for the Best Message

It’s about five weeks before the presidential election and you’re probably getting bombarded with phone calls, flyers and commercials about various candidates.  Each of these communications carries a message. The most successful of those messages are short, highly-focused and deliver … Continue reading

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Here’s to You!

June is all about celebrations: weddings, anniversaries, graduations, Father’s Day, even Flag Day. And celebrations often involve giving a toast, an ancient party ritual involving a filled glass and a speech. If you’re the speech-giver this month, we’ve got four … Continue reading

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Six Steps to Maximize Your Sales Negotiations

Negotiating during the sales process involves more than bargaining.  People often think everything just comes down to price.  That’s not necessarily so.  Many factors impact price and almost all are negotiable.  Try following these six steps during your next negotiation: … Continue reading

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Using Humor in Presentations

Humor is tricky in presentations and meetings. Sometimes it works, and everyone chuckles, laughs and smiles. That’s a swell moment for the presenter and an enjoyable one for the audience. When humor falls flat, causing people to cringe and look … Continue reading

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