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Presenting Effectively in a Virtual World

Virtual Presentation
Virtual Presentation
11/14/23 Author Jay Sullivan

Complete Communicator: Artificial Intelligence vs.… Complete Communicator: Artificial Intelligence vs. Genuine Wisdom: Why Lawyers Remain Necessary and Continue to Add Value


AI looms over every conversation these days, equal parts promise and threat. While there is much talk about how chatbots…

09/13/23 Author Jay Sullivan

Complete Communicator: Help Your New… Complete Communicator: Help Your New Associates Launch Their Careers with Confidence


Law firms are organic entities. They grow, they evolve, they expand their capabilities, and they incorporate and absorb new people.…

06/21/23 Author Jay Sullivan

The Complete Communicator: Broaching ‘Business’… The Complete Communicator: Broaching ‘Business’ with a Personal Contact


In the Apple TV+ series Severance, the characters’ memories are surgically divided between their work and personal lives. In case that…

05/10/23 Author Jay Sullivan

Complete Communicator: The Art of… Complete Communicator: The Art of the Client-Focused Conversation


When communicating in a professional setting, a person can only talk about one of three things. They can talk about…

12/14/22 Author Jay Sullivan

Communications: Tips on Giving Feedback… Communications: Tips on Giving Feedback to Associates


As the year draws to a close, associates will be receiving their annual performance reviews. How they receive that information…

10/07/22 Author Jay Sullivan

Framing the Conversation Framing the Conversation


Leaders in burgeoning practices have multiple stakeholders to satisfy on a daily basis. Leaders shift their focus constantly from incoming client emails,…

09/23/22 Author Robert Chen

10 Decision-Making Principles That Will… 10 Decision-Making Principles That Will Help You Make Tough Calls


A conversation with the CEO of Meetup reveals perspectives and processes that help make challenging decisions. No matter what role…

10/07/21 Author Jay Sullivan

How to Communicate Calmly in… How to Communicate Calmly in a Crisis


At the consulting company Exec-Comm, Jay Sullivan specializes in teaching people how to communicate, including in crisis situations. Years working both…

08/25/21 Author Jay Sullivan

Learn By Mentoring Others: Lessons… Learn By Mentoring Others: Lessons From The Tokyo Olympics


As events unfolded in Tokyo these past few weeks, we’ve had a chance to watch Olympians demonstrate a level of…

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Do You Have E-Charisma on… Do You Have E-Charisma on Zoom? Here’s How to Get It


The flair and charm that works for in-person meetings doesn’t come across the same way on a video chat; ‘E-charisma involves a completely different set of skills’ With the rise […]

Virtual Presentation
03/01/21 Author Sean Romanoff

Presenting Effectively in a Virtual… Presenting Effectively in a Virtual World


All at once last year, the way we interact changed. With the global COVID-19 pandemic came virtual meetings and presentations that forced us to communicate almost exclusively in a new […]

04/15/22 Author Robert Chen

Why Smart People Struggle With… Why Smart People Struggle With Sales


Three common hurdles and how to overcome them If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you went to Wharton, so you’re technically savvy, demonstrably smart, and have likely […]

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