Selling your Expertise

The Mindset, Strategies, and Tactics of Successful Rainmakers

Selling your Expertise

By Robert Chen

This Wall Street Journal bestseller is written to help professionals immediately generate more revenue. Selling Your Expertise: The Mindset, Strategies, and Tactics of Successful Rainmakers (Wiley, April 2022) offers lawyers, accountants, consultants, investment bankers, and other knowledge-based professionals a clear roadmap to build a book of business and cultivate long-term client relationships.

Organized into three parts, the book begins by exploring the mindset necessary to set yourself up for rainmaking success:

  • Part I walks you through the perceptions and interpretations you’ll need to adopt to overcome common business development challenges.
  • Part II moves on to specific guidance around the most effective strategies to use based on where your clients are in the sales process.
  • Part III discusses the core tactics you’ll use to execute your strategies. You’ll discover how to build a stellar reputation to help you land business, grow a personal and professional network that offers value to you and your clients, read a room in real-time, and more.

Each chapter contains a “Practical Tips” section to highlight immediately actionable advice and closes with reflection questions, metrics, or practice tips to help you apply what you learned.

Selling Your Expertise is an indispensable how-to guide to grow your book of business, expand your practice, and improve your ability to provide value to your clients. If you make a living by providing value and expertise to your clients, this book belongs on your bookshelf!

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Robert Chen

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Robert Chen leverages his business, science, and cross-cultural background to help Fortune 100 business leaders and their teams sell, communicate, and lead more effectively. He works with top firms across…