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At Exec-Comm, our core belief guides us to focus on others. During this turbulent time, more than ever, that means being there for you. Being present to others in a time of social distancing takes on added importance and requires new skills and thoughtfulness.

Since March 13, our entire firm has been working remotely and continues to actively engage with and support our clients. While for the immediate future we won’t have the opportunity to meet in-person or in the classroom, we want you to know that we’re here to help you and your colleagues.

We’ve been able to support your training and coaching through interactive virtual learning experiences, including webinars and coaching sessions. We've adapted all of our training solutions so they can be delivered virtually. As always, we will continue to work with you to customize anything you and your team need.

Here are some communication tips from our Consultants so you can make the most of remote work during these most difficult times.

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We love to innovate, collaborate, and ultimately help you and your people endure and prosper, no matter what changes come your way. Stay well and know that we’re honored to continue to serve you.

Warm Regards,

Jay Sullivan
Managing Partner

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