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Communication Skills Specialist Exec-Comm Launches Two New Programs


Communication skills consulting and training firm, Exec-Comm, today announced that it is launching two new programs. Intercultural Communications for Executives (ICE(TM)): China, and Leading With Impact(TM) address the needs of specific executive populations, reflecting the trend for highly customized communication skills content.

The ICE(TM): China initiative helps US executives working in China, conducting business in China, or dealing with China-based colleagues, to better understand how to communicate sensitively and achieve their goals in this critical market.

US exports to Mainland China have increased by more than 300% from $16.3 billion in 2000 to $55.2 billion in 2006*. As more and more US firms navigate this new cultural territory, ICE(TM): China will help their executives increase their effectiveness, reduce frustration caused by miscommunication, and feel more confident, credible and at ease in this very different culture. Diane McCulloch and Kate Sweeney of Exec-Comm will deliver ICE(TM): China. McCulloch and Sweeney speak Mandarin Chinese and bring extensive experience living and working in China within the public and private sectors.

Leading with Impact(TM) helps female executives develop the skills they need to excel in leadership positions. Recent research** has shown, women are losing ground. The number of companies with three or more female corporate officers decreased in 2006. Even if this trend reverses, it could take women as many as 47 years to reach an equal number of male corporate officers and 73 years to reach an equal number of male boardroom members of Fortune 500 companies. This trend is resulting in a real loss of talent and skills in the corporate marketplace as women leave their corporate positions to start their own business ventures.

Leading With Impact(TM) answers the need of many companies seeking to reverse this trend, with specialized training and leadership education for women. The program embraces a woman's natural talents, and provides guidance into her personal leadership identity, through learning how to lead by example, interact successfully with senior executives and mentor future female leaders.

Lisa Bennis, Managing Partner of Exec-Comm, commented: "ICE(TM) and Leading with Impact(TM) meet the need for increased specialization within communication skills development. More mainstream communication skills such as presenting, selling, writing, and negotiating, continue to play a critical role in executive development. Yet, executives face unique challenges today and these new services will empower individual participant populations, with the specific communication skills to succeed."

About Exec-Comm

Exec-Comm is a consulting firm, specializing in communication skills training. Founded 25 years ago, and headquartered in New York City, Exec-Comm trains executives -- from entry level to C-Suite -- across the globe. Key skills include presenting, leading, selling, negotiating, writing, meeting and managing the media. Exec-Comm consultants work with participants in both group settings and in privately coached sessions. Exec-Comm's unique approach to program design ensures that all training is tailored to specific industries, clients and participant populations. The firm has over 150 active clients.

* Source: US China Business Council
** Source: Catalyst 2006 Census

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