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Simply Said is the essential handbook for business communication.

Christine Healey de Casanova Leaves Exec-Comm


Exec-Comm announced today that Christine Healey de Casanova, a longtime partner with the firm, is leaving the organization after almost 20 years.

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Black Lives Matter


At Exec-Comm, we stand with the family of George Floyd and all others who have lost their lives to police brutality. We deplore all forms of racism and discrimination. We work every day to help people listen to understand, understand to relate, and relate to break down barriers. We look forward to the day when we all feel we are treated equally. Until then, we support the fight for equality for all. Our offices will be closed on Juneteenth in solidarity.

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Exec-Comm Joins 100+ Organizations to Support COVID-19 Action Agenda


Exec-Comm is proud to join the 100+ companies supporting the Action Agenda to promote inclusion and stand together in collaboration to address the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Here To Support You


At Exec-Comm, our core belief guides us to focus on others. During this turbulent time, more than ever, that means being there for you. Being present to others in a time of social distancing takes on added importance and requires new skills and thoughtfulness.

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Exec-Comm Brings Business Writing Public Program to Paris


Exec-Comm LLC announced today that DB&A, their Parisian partner, will host a showcase highlighting Exec-Comm’s popular business writing workshop. Write for Results will be held in Paris on March 9.

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Exec-Comm Expands their Open-Enrollment Seminar Offerings to Europe and Asia


Exec|Comm LLC announced today that their open-enrollment seminars, which are currently available across the United States, will be offered in four new locations across the globe.

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SIMPLY SAID: Communicating Better at Work and Beyond


Wiley publishes Exec-Comm's first book, Simply Said: Communicating Better at Work and Beyond, written by Jay Sullivan, managing partner.

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Exec-Comm Introduces New Leading with Executive Presence Seminar


Exec-Comm introduced its newest seminar, Leading with Executive Presence, to clients at their New York Headquarters.

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Exec-Comm Brings Communication Skills Public Programs to Switzerland


Exec-Comm announced that Gsponer., their Swiss partner, will host two showcases in Switzerland highlighting Exec-Comm’s most popular communication skills workshops. Presenting with Impact will be held in Basel on December 1 and Dynamic Interactions will be delivered in Zurich on December 2.

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Exec-Comm Brings Public Speaking and Business Writing Programs to Dallas


Exec-Comm announced that it will host its popular Presenting with Impact business seminar, for the first time in Dallas on December 8, 2015.

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Exec-Comm Partners with Gsponer to Deliver Communication and Leadership Training Throughout Continental Europe


Exec-Comm announced a partnership with Gsponer, an independent Swiss consulting company, as part of its global expansion.

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Exec-Comm Brings Communication Skills Programs to Chicago


Exec-Comm announced today that it will host its popular Communication Skills Boot Camp, featuring both Action Writing and Presentation Skills workshops, for the first time in Chicago, IL on April 28-29, 2015.

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New Exec-Comm Seminar Teaches Successful Face-to-Face Business Interactions


Exec-Comm announced a new public seminar titled Dynamic Interactions. This seminar is designed to help business managers and executives improve face-to-face business interactions.

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Exec-Comm’s Global Expansion Gives Multinational Businesses Better Access to Communications and Leadership Training


Firm Establishes Local Presence in Six Additional Cities Worldwide to Deliver Meeting and Presentation Skills Training in 14 Languages

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Exec-Comm Brings Public Speaking and Writing Program to San Jose


Exec-Comm announced that it will host its popular Communication Skills Boot Camp, featuring both Action Writing and Presentation Skills workshops, for the first time in San Jose, Calif. on December 2-3, 2014.

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Exec-Comm Announces Exclusive Networking and Leadership Series for Learning Executives


Exec-Comm LLC announced the launch of The Learning Exchange, a quarterly series aimed at bringing together learning and development, training, professional development, talent management and human resources executives to share their ideas on key topics.

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Exec-Comm and the Practising Law Institute Offer a One Day Negotiating Skills Seminar


Doug MacKay of Exec-Comm and distinguished staff from the Practising Law Institute join together to bring practitioners of all skill levels a program designed to enhance basic negotiation skills.

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Exec-Comm Launches Two Day Communication Skills Boot Camp


The latest communication skills program from Exec-Comm combines the best of its writing and public speaking seminars.

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Exec|Comm Establishes West Coast Presence


New York, January 2, 2012 - Exec|Comm LLC, a premier communication skills training and consulting firm, today announced that it will open a West Coast office in San Francisco on February 1, 2012. 

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The Science of Human Communications


As an engineering student, one of my most satisfying realizations was when I learned how much of the physical world could be modeled as mathematical systems.  When the phenomena being described became ever more complex, the mathematics rose to the occasion.  First, came calculus.

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2009 Scholarship Awards for The Queens High School of Teaching


The Queens High School of Teaching is proud to announce the winners of the 2009 Exec-Comm Teaching Scholarships. For a second year, Exec-Comm, a private consulting firm that teaches communication skills to business professionals, is awarding $5,000 each to three graduating seniors from QHST who intend to pursue teaching as a career. Those students, Dana Weingart, Cecibel Loaiza, and Danielle Derdiarian, each exemplify the missions of QHST and Exec-Comm.

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Cambria Consulting and Exec-Comm Announce Strategic Alliance


Cambria Consulting, Inc., a premier talent and human resource management consulting firm, and Exec-Comm, a full-service communications consulting firm, have aligned their practices to help their clients develop their managerial and executive talent.

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Communication Skills Specialist Exec-Comm Launches Two New Programs


Communication skills consulting and training firm, Exec-Comm, today announced that it is launching two new programs. Intercultural Communications for Executives (ICE(TM)): China, and Leading With Impact(TM) address the needs of specific executive populations, reflecting the trend for highly customized communication skills content.

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Servicing Your Clients Better Through Dynamic Client Meetings


With the current tight economy, companies must work harder to hang onto and keep their existing clients. Although sales professionals know that it is much easier to sell to an existing customer than to land a new one, account managers too often fall into the habit of becoming "order takers". Now, more than ever, you need to respond to the changing needs of your client's business or risk losing them to a competitor. Successful client meetings require thoughtful planning to strengthen and expand

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Selling to Retail Accounts: Communicating to Close


Gone are the days when salespeople calling on retail account prospects had lots of time to build a case and establish relationships. With increased corporate mergers in all retail sectors-be it food, drug or clothing-there are now fewer decision makers controlling larger budgets with less time to consider purchase options.

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Coaching & Counseling: You Need to do Both to Retain Talented Employees


Today's reduced workforce demands that fewer employees take on more responsibilities. For managers, this means maximizing the talents and potential of their subordinates and making sure they are fulfilled and challenged by what they do day to day. Managers who focus only on giving out assignments and supervising workflow and neglect employee development will quickly lose frustrated staff-members to competitors. If they know these skills are important for employee retention, why,

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Taming the Talented But Tactless Executive


Every organization has its "problem children". They are the ones who are stellar at what they do but not as successful when it comes to communicating effectively with others. Ironically, they often are major contributors to a company's success but also hurt the company by driving away other talented people who can't deal with their idiosyncrasies.

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Ethical Negotiators Use Smart Strategies, Tricky Ploys


The savvy negotiator recognizes that using unethical tricks to win single deals does not lead to building successful long-term relationships. These managers know that their client will never want to do business with them again if they resort to underhanded manipulation.

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Communicating with the Press During a Crisis


Your company's public image is particularly challenged when it is linked with a crisis, which grabs the media's attention. They want to know what happened and why, so you need to have a communication strategy in place that puts you and your company in the best possible light.

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Leading Teams to Wise Decisions


Solving problems as a team is never an easy task. Too often, managers concentrate on their individual needs and goals and miss the opportunities of collaboration. What should be a coordinated effort that capitalizes on the sum of individual strengths unfortunately often degenerates into an unproductive series of internal struggles.

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Communicating Your IPO Effectively


Getting ready to announce an initial public offering is a stressful undertaking. Newly formed companies are typically so distracted with all the financial and legal details of "finishing the deal", that they often do not spend enough time properly planning their communication strategy for the crucial first press conference.

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Presenting to International Audiences Effectively


The increased globalization of business has required that executives be effective presenters in a number of different cultures. Many managers perform quite well in their own countries, but neglect to account for audience cultural differences when planning presentations. Often they focus on researching and developing content, but are unaware and not attuned to how individuals in different countries are most comfortable receiving information.

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Uncovering the Real Person Behind the Resume


The difference between a candidate as presented on paper versus in person can be very different. Faced with hiring time pressures, many managers approach interviewing haphazardly. Without a consistent and systematic approach, they often miss important information about the candidate's suitability for the job.

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Communicating Better with Your Boss


Getting along with your boss can be a complicated challenge. One way to foster a good relationship is to understand your manager's preferred communication style. Knowing this will allow you to better understand what motivates your boss and how he or she is most comfortable receiving and processing information.

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