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The Wisdom Of The Aged – Conveyed Clearly And Succinctly

We all have someone whose words of wisdom stand out for us, and whose ideas we leverage at work and in our personal life. For me, it was my maternal grandfather, DeWitt Calamari, who passed away many years ago after … Continue reading

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4 Things We Can Learn From Nikki Haley’s “With All Due Respect, I Don’t Get Confused”

How To Go From Under The Bus To The Driver’s Seat We’ve all had situations in which we feel we’ve been wronged and want to respond appropriately, but struggled to do so while maintaining the relationship. Just about every married … Continue reading

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6 Ways To Communicate Confidence As You Enter The Workforce

You’ve graduated and are about to become part of the working world. Congratulations, and welcome. As a parent of three college graduates and one college senior, I assure you, one of the most fulfilling questions a parent asks his or … Continue reading

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