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10/21/22 Author Robert Chen

Podcast: How To Sell Your… Podcast: How To Sell Your Expertise, Win Deals, & Become A Rainmaker


Rainmaking skills contribute a lot in an organization because it drives huge revenue for a company through effective communication strategies…

10/20/22 Author Robert Chen

Podcast: Leadership and Selling Your… Podcast: Leadership and Selling Your Expertise with Robert Chen


What is the secret to ongoing success in every role whether you’re in leadership, accounting, consulting, investment banking, law, or…


How Mentorship Programs Benefit the… How Mentorship Programs Benefit the Entire Workplace


Remote and hybrid work setups allow employees to experience greater flexibility and savings, but this comes with one big disadvantage:…

10/01/19 Author Jay Sullivan

Culture Is King: 3 Ways… Culture Is King: 3 Ways To Keep Culture Alive During Corporate Mergers


  Getty Everyone talks about the culture of their business. Sometimes they tout the strengths of that culture as the…

04/18/19 Author Jay Sullivan

Advice For Startups From The… Advice For Startups From The Trade Show Trenches


You had a great idea. You knew it met an important need in the marketplace. You pulled together a group…

01/11/19 Author Jay Sullivan

Startups And Small Businesses: One… Startups And Small Businesses: One Elevator Ride Can Change Everything


Elevators are cramped, slightly uncomfortable spaces at best. As you’re riding the elevator up to your office this morning, picture…

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04/22/21 Author Jim Sterling

Creating Robust Virtual Training Experiences Creating Robust Virtual Training Experiences


Recently, I’ve heard many people say “I’ve just got to breathe! Everything is so fast and furious these days.” I know the feeling. For 40 years, our company’s work happened […]


Video: Storytelling Builds Relationships Video: Storytelling Builds Relationships


In business, it’s important to build relationships beyond the next deal or project. Professionals with strong executive presence connect on a deeper level and build trust through storytelling. Consultant, Tony […]


Better Than 'Best' Better Than 'Best'


I hope this blog post finds you well. Words that, at best, do nothing to improve professional relationships, and at worst, are looked at with an eye roll. So unimaginative, […]

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