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03/29/18 Author Jay Sullivan

Leading with Executive Presence: What… Leading with Executive Presence: What can we learn from the Soldier and the Saint?


When I think of Executive Presence, I think of two very different people I’ve had the privilege to meet. Both…

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02/15/18 Author Exec-Comm

3 Key Attributes for Executive… 3 Key Attributes for Executive Presence


Consultant, Robert Chen shares three key attributes of someone with executive presence. First, be comfortable in your own skin and…

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04/22/21 Author Jim Sterling

Creating Robust Virtual Training Experiences Creating Robust Virtual Training Experiences


Recently, I’ve heard many people say “I’ve just got to breathe! Everything is so fast and furious these days.” I know the feeling. For 40 years, our company’s work happened […]


Video: Storytelling Builds Relationships Video: Storytelling Builds Relationships


In business, it’s important to build relationships beyond the next deal or project. Professionals with strong executive presence connect on a deeper level and build trust through storytelling. Consultant, Tony […]


Better Than 'Best' Better Than 'Best'


I hope this blog post finds you well. Words that, at best, do nothing to improve professional relationships, and at worst, are looked at with an eye roll. So unimaginative, […]

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