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New Exec-Comm Seminar Teaches Successful Face-to-Face Business Interactions


NEW YORK – Exec-Comm LLC, a premier communication skills training and consulting firm, today announced a new public seminar titled Dynamic Interactions. This seminar is designed to help business managers and executives improve face-to-face business interactions.

The firm’s new Dynamic Interactions one-day course applies Exec-Comm’s philosophy that communication is most successful when people focus more on others and less on themselves. The class will teach participants how to craft a message that resonates with the people in the room and deliver information with executive presence, power, and poise.

Dynamic Interactions will feature a digital recording of each participant for review, group exercises and intensive coaching. A typical hour includes fifteen minutes of instructor briefing and forty-five minutes of practice and skill building. After the seminar, participants have access to, an online learning resource, to reinforce the skills they learn.

“With companies headquartered all over the world, and technology allowing people to communicate quickly and casually through email or Skype, face-to-face interactions are fewer and farther between,” said Karen Rodriguez of Exec-Comm. “Like our other public programs, Dynamic Interactions will provide business participants with hands-on training that will help them succeed in face-to-face interactions, build more relationships, and ultimately impact their bottom line.”

Throughout the program, participants will learn how to:

  • Focus on the needs of others
  • Share information with confidence and credibility
  • Understand their communication style and how to flex to the styles of others
  • Develop a clear message and deliver it with presence
  • Ask better questions and listen for key insights
  • Handle questions and emotional responses effectively

The first Dynamic Interactions program in New York will be held March 19 and on August 11 in San Francisco. The program fee is $950 and is limited to 12 attendees. Exec-Comm’s public programs are open to all business professionals interested in improving their communication skills. More information is available at


About Exec-Comm LLC

Founded in 1982, Exec-Comm LLC, is a global communication skills training and consulting firm. Exec-Comm works with clients across all major industries including professional services, financial services, technology, insurance, manufacturing, energy, and healthcare. The firm teaches all levels of professionals, in both group and private coaching settings, how to communicate with greater impact, by focusing more on others and less on themselves.

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