Six Steps to Maximize Your Sales Negotiations

27_2520448Negotiating during the sales process involves more than bargaining.  People often think everything just comes down to price.  That’s not necessarily so.  Many factors impact price and almost all are negotiable.  Try following these six steps during your next negotiation:

  • Strategize

Do your homework before the negotiation. Figure out what the client wants and what you can offer.  Think realistically and creatively.

  • Set the climate

As the negotiation begins, remain calm and confident. Keep your voice steady and use open gestures.  Remember you’re building an ongoing relationship with your client.

  • Obtain information

You’ll only know what’s important to your client by asking them. Using open-ended questions allows you to gather information from your client before you state your price.

  • Justify position

When it’s time, put your offer on the table, then explain why your price is fair and what it includes.

  • Bargain

Now it’s time to haggle. Don’t get stuck on the price, instead, trade items like delivery time, quantity, or future discounts. If you only focus on price, there is nowhere to move and a stalemate is likely.

  • Agree

Once you’ve agreed on the terms, write down the specifics of the deal for your client to review.

With practice, you’ll become a better bargainer and a smarter negotiator, ready for the toughest clients. How have you negotiated a deal without focusing on price? Let us know in the comments below.

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