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At Exec-Comm, we pride ourselves on finding the best possible learning solution for each individual client. Recently, we were able to provide a global financial services firm the ability to assess their Financial Advisors through a combination of live instruction, digitally recorded role plays, and in-depth feedback. Through innovation and our ability to stay ahead of technological trends, we were able to offer our learning platform, ECLearn, to meet these needs.

Live instruction

The first part of our solution was to deliver a customized seminar. Although centered on core communication skills, we modified the learning experience to incorporate language and scenarios that they would encounter in their environment.

Live Role Plays

The second part of our solution was the inclusion of live, actor lead role plays. Our actors would go to the client site and engaged the Financial Advisors in 20-minute role plays. The actors are aware of the competencies that each Financial Advisor needs to demonstrate. The session is digitally recorded for review.

Role Play Assessments

The final part of our solution included adding digitally recorded role plays to our learning management system, ECLearn. Once all the videos were uploaded, our instructors viewed the videos and filled out virtual assessments for each participant. Once the assessments were complete, the participant, as well as management, were able to view the assessments with feedback, tips, and best practices.

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