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f.Execcomm.lg.logo2 [Converted]It’s been two years since I first met Jay Sullivan, Managing Partner at Exec-Comm.  My participation in the Exec-Comm Showcase event that he led in London, back in August 2013, was the beginning of a journey for me.

At that time, I’d been a presentations trainer for almost ten years and was delighted to discover that much of what I had been teaching was consistent with the Exec-Comm approach.  Two things about Exec-Comm stood out to me; the flexible and modular nature of their communication skills training and the quality of the individual coaching Exec-Comm certified facilitators deliver.

Adopting the Exec-Comm coaching approach was somewhat of a challenge for me at the beginning. And, it took me some time to feel comfortable with it.  I’d spent the last ten years giving input and feedback on my own training courses. But the Exec-Comm coaching methodology is different. And, as I have since experienced, adds tremendous value by focusing on the participants needs and promoting sustainable behavior change.

The philosophy is simple: professionals impact the world by focusing more on others and less on themselves.

Through experiential learning – using real world business scenarios participants get to practice in an environment that is comfortable and relevant to them. With Exec-Comm’s modular skill building approach, participants get a lot of practice. Rather than hours of lecturing, a typical half-hour includes 10 minutes of instructor briefing and 20 minutes of practice. Ongoing practice and extensive use of digitally recorded feedback leads to solid, experiential learning and significant, visible success for each participant.

The result – participants use the techniques Exec-Comm teaches immediately on the job.

I am delighted to have become a Consultant and certified facilitator within the Exec-Comm team. I regularly facilitate courses for Exec-Comm’s UK-based clients across a range of communication challenges including Presenting with ImpactDynamic Interactions and Managing Conflict, as well as facilitating individual coaching sessions with senior executives.

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