Exec-Comm’s Take on the Most Persuasive Words

I recently came across this great Business Insider video, “The 4 Most Persuasive Words In The English Language,” and thought it might be fun to see what partners at Exec-Comm thought on the topic.

Here are our top three picks for the most persuasive words.


A few of us absolutely agreed with the video on the effectiveness of the word “you.”

For me, I find this to be the most persuasive word.  When you target your message, need or benefit to an individual with a focus on the “impact to you,” people listen.

Partner Jay Sullivan shared, “I think the most persuasive word, depending on how it is used, is ‘you.’ The more you talk to another person about that person, the more they are likely to listen.”

Partner Christine Healey de Casanova agreed, sharing that “To persuade others, we first need to engage them.  Most people are engaged when we’re talking about them.  Half the battle is getting people’s attention.”


Partner Carmen Ivonne Goitia shared “If I’m asked to do something because it’s going to make me happy, I’m most likely willing to try.”


Partner Karen Diaz believes one of the most persuasive words is please. As she shared, “I would be more likely to do anything you need if the word please is used. Take a look at these two statements that ask you to do something in two different ways. ‘Take out the garbage!’ sounds harsh and commanding. ‘Please take out the garbage’ softens the tone.”

Partner Joe Rigney agreed, sharing “I think that the word please is very persuasive especially when followed with a directive like ‘please get started today saving for your retirement so you benefit from compounding.’ It sets a friendly tone and promotes action.”

What do you believe are the most persuasive words? Let us know in the comments below.

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