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I’m a DJ, not a Jukebox

Like most people in corporate America, I have two sides. By day I’m Dan Vicente, the happy-go-lucky Technical Manager at Exec|Comm, here to solve your technical issues. And by night, I moonlight as a DJ, spinning at various clubs and … Continue reading

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Don’t Just Stand There – Use Gestures to Bring Your Stories to Life

Language is a more recent technology. Your body language, your eyes, your energy will come through to your audience before you even start speaking. – Peter Guber When preparing a speech, we’re often so focused on writing and practicing the … Continue reading

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Six Steps to Maximize Your Sales Negotiations

Negotiating during the sales process involves more than bargaining.  People often think everything just comes down to price.  That’s not necessarily so.  Many factors impact price and almost all are negotiable.  Try following these six steps during your next negotiation: … Continue reading

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