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The Power of Imagery in Communications

Best-selling author, Stephen King once said “imagery does not occur on the writer’s page; it occurs in the reader’s mind. “To describe everything is to supply a photograph in words; to indicate the points which seem the most vivid and … Continue reading

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A Squash Lesson from Hell: How Being Coached Improved My Coaching

“Bend your elbow. Cock your wrist. Bring the racquet back above your ear. Get into position! Step with your right foot. YOUR OTHER RIGHT FOOT! Now…SWING!” The coach sighed. “See. Wasn’t that easy?” he said, sounding defeated. “Yeah. Real easy,” … Continue reading

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Three Practical Strategies for Introverts to Speak Up in Meetings

“You need to speak up.” “You have to be more visible.” If you’re an introvert, you might have heard these two pieces of feedback before. And if you’re a high performer, they can be especially irksome. Speaking up just isn’t … Continue reading

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Overcoming Two Common Challenges of Conference Call Meetings

According to the International Data Corporation, “by [2020], IDC expects mobile workers will account for nearly three quarters (72.3%) of the total U.S. workforce.” Add that to the vast number of companies with multiple locations across the globe and it proves challenging … Continue reading

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