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Enhance Your Online Brand

Now that we can’t meet in person, your online presence is your first impression. Maybe you’re looking for a new job, aiming to expand your current role, or working to stay relevant in a changing world. Either way, you need … Continue reading

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‘Small Mishap’ Or ‘Huge Problem’ – Emails That Don’t Hit The Panic Button

Like many college juniors, my daughter, Magdalen, decided to travel abroad for a semester. Rather than go somewhere in Europe, where I would have gone, she traded the comfort of Boston College for a four-month stint in Uganda. My wife … Continue reading

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Make Your Emails Count: Follow these 5 Steps Before You Hit Send

You may have heard about the Associated Press photo editor who inadvertently inserted part of her cover letter applying for a position as Buzzfeed’s photo essay editor into an image caption for a photo that she then emailed to AP’s … Continue reading

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