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5 Ways To Turn Your Brain-Drizzle Into A Brainstorm

Solving problems requires both a left-brain analysis and right-brain creativity. The analysis part comes into play as you define the problem, analyze how the problem developed, evaluate the benefit of solving the problem relative to the cost of fixing it … Continue reading

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Three Steps To Developing An Innovative Instinct — And The Questions To Ask Yourself To Get There

Innovation requires an openness to trying something new. But what if you grow up in a world where you are educated to get the best exam score rather than to think broadly about a problem and debate possible solutions? And … Continue reading

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Small Changes Drive Employee Engagement

The job market continues to improve and companies are fighting to retain their best employees and attract new talent. Business leaders are scrambling to figure out how to improve employee engagement. A recent study by the Harvard Business Review surveyed … Continue reading

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Five Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Launch Your Product

You had a great idea for a product. Your prototype got great reviews from focus groups or even from a crowdfunding campaign. Now you’re planning for mass production, ready to launch your own website, prepping for massive online sales, and … Continue reading

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Top Four Things To Know About Creating A Start-Up

You worked hard in undergrad. You earned your business degree from a great university. You landed a plum job at a top tier consulting firm. You feel like you’ve made it. And five years later you walk away from it … Continue reading

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