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Simply Said
Simply Said is the essential handbook for business communication.

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

How to Communicate Better: Answering the Question What Do You Do?


Exec-Comm’s Global Head and contributor to Exec-Comm’s book, Simply Said: Communicating at Work and Beyond (Wiley), Christine Healey de Casanova will run a training session for Rutgers' Global Sports Business program focused on answering the question "What Do You Do?" Attendees of this program are Masters Candidates aspiring to add immediate value to all sectors of the sports industry.

Session Overview

You are rising leader, a student, and an expert in your field. How do you stand out from the crowd, win that next job, or get the buy-in you seek for your ideas? How can you consistently project poise and conviction when the stakes are high? If you seem nervous or uncomfortable, your credibility drops. Strong executive presence and communication skills are essential for success.  Calm, confident and credible professionals adapt to the environment and form an immediate and lasting impression.

In this session, you will learn to:

  • Project executive presence
  • Craft a compelling message about yourself that is focused on others
  • Present with poise
  • Tell compelling stories to support your message
  • Ask and answer questions to engage and connect
  • Christine Healey de Casanova

    Christine has helped professionals around the world communicate with more impact for over 15 years. In addition to English, she speaks Spanish and French. She calls upon her language skills and cultural sensitivity as she coaches executives for Exec-Comm’s global clients. To date, Christine has trained professionals on five continents, in 20 countries, and in three languages. Her clients include: HSBC, Abbott Labs, Citi, Metlife, and JPMorgan. Christine became a partner in 2008 and serves as Exec-Comm’s Global Head and Chairwoman of Asia.

    Before joining Exec-Comm in 2001, she worked as an executive with Leach & Garner Company. There, she worked with the company’s French satellite office, served Canadian clients, trained new hires, and acted as company liaison to Italian vendors. Prior to that, Christine conducted international market research for European companies in the prepress industry and trained new staff with a Boston firm.

    Christine graduated with a double major in French and Italian studies from Dickinson College. As part of her studies, she attended Université de Toulouse - Le Mirail and taught at Sup'Aero, a prestigious engineer's school in France. A New England native, then long-time Manhattan resident, she now lives with her husband and daughters in Westchester. She travels to Chile regularly to visit her in-laws, where she enjoys the people, language, scenery, and delicious food. Christine is proud to support and advise nonprofits that work to better the lives of women, girls, and families around the globe; especailly close to her heart are Mercado Global and Shanti Bhavan.

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