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Negotiation Skills Essentials 2021

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What To Expect

Ching Valdezco and Katrina Murphy will host a one-hour session, Outlining Negotiation Types and Processes, at Practising Law Institute’s 2021 Negotiation Skills Essentials virtual conference for attorneys.

Negotiation is part of any lawyer’s everyday life. You negotiate with colleagues, clients, and staff about an array of issues, ranging from simple project deadlines to complex contractual language. This program is designed to help you gain confidence in every negotiation you conduct. The panelists represent academicians, sole practitioners, and members of leading local law firms.

What You Will Learn

  • Following six steps to a successful negotiation
  • Organizing a strategy before, during and after a negotiation
  • Identifying the three types of negotiations and when to use each
  • Creating and using currencies during a negotiation
  • Bargaining and offering concessions effectively
  • Preparing tactics and avoiding ploys during a negotiation
  • Considering alternative dispute resolutions and alternatives to trial

Who Should Attend
Practitioners who want to gain understanding of the negotiation process should attend. This program will prove helpful for new attorneys, or those transitioning to a negotiation-heavy practice. Also, the sessions will address issues pertinent to those experienced practitioners who wish to refresh their negotiation skills, or learn new approaches to the negotiations they conduct.

Session Description: Outlining Negotiation Types and Processes
This session provides an overview of the key types of negotiations most lawyers face. It details the six steps of the negotiation process. Attendees will also examine the three types of negotiations attorneys will likely encounter in face-to-face, phone, and email negotiations.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021
9 AM (PST) to 5 PM (PST)

CLE credit is available for this event.


January 6, 2021



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