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NAWL Women in Litigation

Leveraging Your Communication Style to Deliver Messages Successfully

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What To Expect

During this 60-minute program, you will learn how to leverage your Personal Communication Style strengths to deliver effective messages in any medium, whether presenting before a board, leading a panel discussion, or pitching a client. You will also understand the potential challenges associated with your communication style. You will learn different techniques to flex your style to enhance your interactions with others.

Before this program, you will be asked to complete a brief communication styles assessment, which should take less than 5 minutes.

This event is open and free to all – learn more and register.


May 18, 2021



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Katrina Murphy

Consultant, N. America

Katrina Murphy works with professionals in a variety of industries to improve their presentation, writing, and leadership skills. She brings 15 years of litigation experience to Exec-Comm and is a…