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Practising Law Institute

Negotiation Skills Essentials 2021


Ching Valdezco and Katrina Murphy will host a one-hour session, Outlining Negotiation Types and Processes, at Practising Law Institute's 2021 Negotiation Skills Essentials virtual conference for attorneys.

Negotiation is part of any lawyer’s everyday life. You negotiate with colleagues, clients, and staff about an array of issues, ranging from simple project deadlines to complex contractual language. This program is designed to help you gain confidence in every negotiation you conduct. The panelists represent academicians, sole practitioners, and members of leading local law firms.

What You Will Learn

  • Following six steps to a successful negotiation
  • Organizing a strategy before, during and after a negotiation
  • Identifying the three types of negotiations and when to use each
  • Creating and using currencies during a negotiation
  • Bargaining and offering concessions effectively
  • Preparing tactics and avoiding ploys during a negotiation
  • Considering alternative dispute resolutions and alternatives to trial

Who Should Attend
Practitioners who want to gain understanding of the negotiation process should attend. This program will prove helpful for new attorneys, or those transitioning to a negotiation-heavy practice. Also, the sessions will address issues pertinent to those experienced practitioners who wish to refresh their negotiation skills, or learn new approaches to the negotiations they conduct.

Session Description: Outlining Negotiation Types and Processes
This session provides an overview of the key types of negotiations most lawyers face. It details the six steps of the negotiation process. Attendees will also examine the three types of negotiations attorneys will likely encounter in face-to-face, phone, and email negotiations.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021
9 AM (PST) to 5 PM (PST)

CLE credit is available for this event.

  • Ching Valdezco


    Ching is an engaging speaker, dynamic trainer, and influential executive coach. She brings over 15 years of expertise in global leadership, negotiation, influencing, and presentation skills to her clients. Her background in tech helps her successfully train professionals at Intuit, Symantec, Microsoft, and other top technology companies. Ching also works with global law firms, financial services firms, consulting firms, and professionals across a wide range of industries. She coaches executives to help them increase their influence and impact.

    Ching Speaker Collage

    Prior to joining Exec-Comm, Ching led global technology teams at both Hewlett-Packard and Procter & Gamble. At HP, she served as Director, Strategy and Planning. Ching understands how important it is for technology professionals to communicate their ideas clearly. She uses her experience in tech to teach engineering, product, and sales teams how to bring data to life and communicate confidently.

    After beginning her career in the Philippines, Ching worked in Singapore for six years, and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She and her husband John love adventure travel: they’ve trekked in Nepal, jumped off a bridge in New Zealand, and followed elephant footsteps in South Africa. In 2016, she was honored to be named one of Silicon Valley’s Top 100 Women of Influence by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

  • Katrina Murphy

    Katrina Murphy works with professionals in a variety of industries to improve their presentation, writing, and leadership skills. She brings 15 years of litigation experience to Exec-Comm and is a member of the Law Firm Practice group. Her audience-focused approach helps professionals communicate more effectively and with a strong presence.

    Before joining Exec-Comm, Katrina specialized in complex litigation cases. She devised and implemented litigation strategies for numerous clients on national, state, and case specific levels. Katrina focused on presenting multifaceted issues in a clear, concise manner. In addition to coaching and developing her own teams, Katrina helped select, train, and prepare experts and corporate representatives. As National Coordinating Counsel for a Fortune 500 company, Katrina also managed and trained local counsel nationwide. Katrina is admitted to the New York State Bar and the Eastern, Northern, and Southern District Courts. Katrina was previously admitted to the High Court of New Zealand.

    Katrina graduated from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand with a Bachelor of Law (L.L.B) and Bachelor of Commerce and Administration in Public Policy.  She is the co-chair of the Women in Litigation Affinity Group of the National Association of Women Lawyers. Katrina lives with her husband in New York City.  During her free time, Katrina enjoys reading, exploring the city, and traveling further afield with her husband.

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