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California Internship & Work Experience Association

Influencing & Motivating Others: The Art of Messaging, Storytelling, and Executive Presence


On October 27, Doug MacKay, consultant, will run a workshop at the California Internship & Work Experience Association for their Amplifying the Future: Leading Students to Success event. During Doug's 60-minute interactive session he will help participants understand how to influence and motivate others through solid communication skills.

Internships and work-based learning are an integral part of a student's college experience. More and more employers are seeing the value of building their talent pipeline using college interns. Educational institutions are working hard to prepare their students for these internships and are motivating them to take advantage of these opportunities.Collectively, our job is to provide the right resources and create programs that prepare students to successfully join the workforce after college. This event is an opportunity for college programs and employers to share ideas on strengthening our connections and supporting this goal. 

Join CIWEA for a day full of expert advice, tips and tricks to support and improve internship programs. Gain insights about helping students find a career direction in new and different ways, hear from employers about the benefits and barriers they encounter around hosting interns (and discover solutions too), get tips to help you successfully manage others, develop high performing teams and create more productive working relationships, and learn even more about the role of technology in making and maintaining important contacts and networks.

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