Simply Said
Simply Said
Simply Said is the essential handbook for business communication.

Boot Camp: Basic Training for Lawyers

Your Communication Style – Leveraging the Best in You


This program provides recent law graduates and current law school students with career planning information and skill building. This year's program will focus on helping attendees assess their skills, assess the market and get practice ready. Whether you are seeking a job at a large or small firm, government or public interest organization, hanging out your own shingle, or not sure what your next step should be, these sessions will provide information that will help you achieve success.

Jay Sullivan, Exec|Comm's Managing Partner, will deliver the keynote address: Your Communication Style - Leveraging the Best in You.

Everyone brings something different to the table. In addition to your talent and your skills, you have innate aptitudes in the way you approach a conversation, listen for opportunities and position valuable ideas to others. In this session, you will take a brief “styles assessment test” that will help you uncover your natural Personal Communications Style and learn to leverage that Style when communicating with others. In addition, you will learn to adapt your approach when communicating with different people. Finally, you will craft messages about yourself and your strengths that position you well to others.

  • Jay Sullivan

    Jay Sullivan is the Managing Partner at Exec-Comm, and leads the firm’s Law Firm Group. He is an award-winning author and columnist, as well as an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown Law Center and Fordham University School of Law. His book, Simply Said: Communicating Better at Work and Beyond, was released by John Wiley & Sons in 2016, and has since been translated into Chinese, Korean, and Russian.  As a contributing writer for, Jay brings relevant and timely advice on enhancing one’s communication skills to the business community.

    Whether working with groups or in one-on-one coaching arrangements Jay helps professionals have greater impact by teaching them to focus on the needs of their audiences. Jay works closely with the learning and development professionals at many global law firms and financial services firms to customize communication skills solutions.

    Jay joined Exec-Comm after nine years as a practicing attorney. He received his J.D. from Fordham University School of Law in 1989. That year, Jay was named among the first class of Skadden Fellows by the Skadden Foundation. As a Skadden Fellow, Jay acted as in-house legal counsel at Covenant House, a crisis shelter for runaway and homeless teenagers. Following his Fellowship, Jay spent seven years practicing insurance law on behalf of Lloyds of London.

    After graduating from Boston College in 1984, Jay spent two years in the Jesuit International Volunteer Corps, teaching English. His book about that experience, Raising Gentle Men: Lives at the Orphanage Edge, was named the 2014 Best Book by a Small Publisher by the Catholic Press Association. Jay was a featured columnist on communication skills for the New York Law Journal, and has been published in Readers Digest, Catholic Digest, Parents Magazine, The Golfer, and The New York Times.

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