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American Bankruptcy Institute's Winter Leadership Conference

Perfecting the Pitch


Sean Romanoff will run a session at the American Bankruptcy Institute's 27th Annual Winter Leadership Conference focused on Perfecting Your Pitch.

He'll identify best practices in creating and delivering a strong pitch for attorneys and financial advisers to represent a creditor group in a bankruptcy matter. He'll facilitate discussion about pitch horror stories with a panel of experts. And, he'll provide specific critiques on two teams that will make a mock pitch for a new creditor group representation.

  • Sean Romanoff

    Sean is part of Exec-Comm's law firm practice and consults with a wide variety of clients. He works with industry leaders in insurance, professional services, and banking & finance. He specializes in presenting, writing, and building business relationships. Sean uses this expertise to help clients communicate more effectively by focusing on their audience. The goal is to help them deliver complex ideas clearly and with stronger presence so their messages have greater impact. As an active member of Exec-Comm's Marketing team, and as a Design team contributor, Sean is invested in the growing the firm's programs and reach.

    After working as an attorney in general practice, Sean taught writing and presentation courses at Fairleigh Dickinson University. He also worked as a independent copywriter and marketing consultant where he helped organizations of all sizes communicate more authentically. As a freelance copywriter, he wrote for organizations like ADP, Pearson Education, and Seton Hall Law School.

    Sean earned his JD from Rutgers School of Law after receiving his BA with honors from the Ohio State University. When he's not helping clients, Sean enjoys his life-long passions of listening and learning. He lives in Maplewood, New Jersey with his wife, son, daughter, and two dogs.

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