How Bryan Cranston’s Story Can Help You Improve Your Communication Skills

As you set resolutions, goals, and aim to form new positive habits, keep your communication skills top of mind. Here are a few thoughts, along with an inspirational story by Bryan Cranston, recognized by Business Insider as one of the best working actors today.

Breaking Bad star, Bryan Cranston, gives his advice for aspiring actors.

It’s all about your purpose when you communicate, not about you. It’s about the ideas you believe in and what your audience can do with those ideas. Ironically, once Bryan Cranston figured out that his purpose during an audition was not to get the job, he started getting good jobs and became a star. He got out of his own way. Through coaching, he realized that his real purpose was to show his interpretation of a role to the writer, director, and producer in the audition room. His audition became all about the role, not about him. Once they could see his idea in action, it became tangible and they could use it. So they wanted to hire him, which meant fighting for him with Fox studio execs!

Communication is about impact, connection, and what your audience sees in the ideas you bring. If you think an idea through, believe in it, and articulate it, then your audience can too. Finding an idea that you believe in and articulating that idea takes skill. Bryan Cranston developed his skills over 20 years of hustling for work. You’ve been developing your skills, too. Once you shift your focus away from yourself and toward the business at hand, your communications will have more punch, power, and purpose.

Reach out to us if you need help turning your resolutions into new habits. Here’s to a terrific 2019!


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