Negotiation Skills

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What do I do if the other person has more power than me?

You have more power than you think. Power can be expressed in the form of Time, Information, Personal and Social power (TIPS). To prepare for the negotiation, you should assess the specific forms of power that the other side possesses and recognize your own personal power. You may also want to slow down the negotiation process by taking breaks or holding a caucus if you feel pressured.

What should I do if the negotiation turns hostile?

You want to remain calm because your emotions can escalate the hostility and also impact your judgment. Also, you want to discern whether the other party’s hostility is simply a ploy, or staged act, to help gain an unfair advantage. If it is a ploy, you should acknowledge their emotion, restate your position, and return to the topic you are discussing. You should also feel comfortable withdrawing from the negotiation stating that you will only negotiate when you’re treated with respect.

How do I get my customer or client to negotiate beyond price?

You want to understand your product or service and recognize the currencies, or bargaining chips, with which you can negotiate. It also helps to understand your competition and know what they can or can’t offer. You want to probe to uncover what’s important to your client beyond price. You can demonstrate value to your client by offering specific currencies that are important to them, thus increasing your value proposition.

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