Interviewing for the Candidate

Interviewing for the Candidate

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What is the biggest mistake candidates make when being interviewed?

Candidates who interview poorly are likely to over talk or under talk. Come prepared to talk concisely and energetically about two or three strong skills you bring to the position.

Answer the interview questions in three to four sentences and offer concrete examples and anecdotes. Avoid speaking in broad generalities.

I’m quite shy. How do I manage shyness during an interview?

You don’t have to be an extrovert to land a job but you do need to project confidence. To display confidence:

Maintain direct eye contact.
Sit up squarely and lean slightly forward, not back.
If you speak in a quiet voice, add a little vocal punch to a few words in each sentence. (You will seem much more animated.)

What kind of questions should I ask during the interview?

Good questions are important to help you assess whether the job is right for you. Prepare a number of open ended questions before your interview. Open questions begin with what, how and why.

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