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Forget ‘New Normal,’ Think ‘New Nimble’

We’ve all struggled on many fronts this year. Some have dealt with loss – of health, of a family member, of a job, of a familiar routine. Some have dealt with becoming schoolteacher in addition to parent. Some have struggled … Continue reading

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How Successful Managers Get Through Turbulent Times: 4 Tips To Follow

Managing a team is difficult in the best of times. When you layer on top of the usual demands of life and business, a pandemic and the rising demand to address long-term systemic racial inequalities in society, you stretch your … Continue reading

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Answering, ‘So, What Do You Do?’

When we meet new people, we’re often faced with the question, “So, what do you do?” Most people respond with what’s printed on their business card. “I’m the Chief Talent Officer at Acme Industries,” or “I’m a Managing Director at … Continue reading

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3 Habits That Detract From Your Credibility And How To Avoid Them

Most communication skills are not about “right” and “wrong.” The overall impression you make on others is a combination of many factors, and the frequency of certain behaviors. Here are three language habits that undermine your authority. Qualifying Language Sometimes, … Continue reading

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Building Positive Habits For Full-Time Remote Work

“Where did this bowl of ice cream come from?” And other questions that arise when we work from home. Last week, I was on a video call with a client in the UK. I was in my office in New … Continue reading

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Motivating Your Team From The Inside Out: Leveraging Internal Motivating Factors

Getty Royalty Free What motivates each of us to do better? I confess, I play Words with Friends compulsively. I swear I’m motivated by the intellectual challenge and the opportunity to occasionally best some of my really smart friends at … Continue reading

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Channeling Astronaut Mark Watney: Effective Leadership In The Age Of ‘What Else Could Possibly Go Wrong?’

Getty Royalty Free Sol 45 I have been alone in my home office for over a month, not seeing anyone. I’ve had to learn all sorts of new technology to stay alive, workwise. I have literally planted 60 heads of … Continue reading

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Of Privilege, Presumption And Promise: Inequality In The Workplace And Ways To Combat It

Getty Recently, 140 professionals, mostly strangers, set aside an entire day to get uncomfortable with each other. We had frank and revealing conversations. I found myself sharing a few personal stories that I had never shared in a work setting … Continue reading

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Culture Is King: 3 Ways To Keep Culture Alive During Corporate Mergers

Everyone talks about the culture of their business. Sometimes they tout the strengths of that culture as the key to their success. Sometimes they’re in the press defending how they’re finally going to address cultural issues that have landed them … Continue reading

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Inequality In The Workplace: 3 Approaches To Create A Culture Of Allies

With all the negativity, nastiness and name-calling in public discourse these days, it’s refreshing to see so many people focusing on how we can truly understand one another better and come closer to appreciating each other’s experiences. Companies are working … Continue reading

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