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Reaching a Remote Team: On Their Turf and On Their Timing

Online Learning Case Study

The Challenge

A global Japanese car company wanted to reinvigorate its communications team. The group of 350 included a wide spectrum of job experience and skill level. The company needed to establish a common knowledge base across the team and get everyone focused on the same corporate goals. They also recognized that team members wished to access the learning on their own schedule and at their own pace.

The client determined nine key competencies. Some were substantive content-based elements, like understanding digital media. Other skills included clear writing and interpersonal communication. The training required a Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), allowing team members to access the information and share across other SCORM compliant learning management systems.

Most team members work in Japan, with small pockets of professionals in over 20 global locations. Since they don’t gather as a group, this mandated virtual training, in both Japanese and English.

The Solution

Exec-Comm partnered with the University of Southern California’s Center for Public Relations. That partnership provided access to a wide array of skills about digital communication. We created 28 SCORM packages of five-minute video classes. The participants could watch the videos on their laptops or mobile devices.

Each Japanese and English video “class” consisted of:

  • An introduction of the skill
  • Three minutes of instructor lead content, with examples
  • A five-question knowledge quiz
  • Additional content to reinforce the learning

The SCORM packages were released on successive weeks, giving the participants time to engage in the learning at their own pace. 

The Opportunity

We can help you develop an entirely online platform of interactive learning applications. We can host the applications on ECLearn, our online learning platform. Or, Exec-Comm can provide finished “classes” that you can easily upload to your network.

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