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Simply Said is the essential handbook for business communication.

Executive Coaching

Investment Banking Case Study

The Challenge

A premier global investment bank envisioned a leadership program for its highest performing senior level talent. The mission: to develop and retain the firms’ best and brightest Managing Directors. The firm’s CEO viewed communication skills as a key leadership trait. Therefore, they created a recorded presentation skills coaching component to build and refine the senior leaders’ executive presence. And thus a cross-functional, six-month initiative featuring a ‘communication clinic’ was borne.

The Solution

The investment bank created an intimate yet powerful professional development experience for its senior leaders. The firm partnered with Exec-Comm to create a highly customized and intensive 90-minute one-on-one session. In each coaching session, the participants built tangible skills to communicate with impact across all audiences and contexts. The session began with short sequential skill building exercises, followed by immediate hands-on practice, including recordings and targeted feedback. Following the session, participants received access to customized online learning materials, their own recording and a follow-up plan to reinforce the skills they learned. Collaboration between the managers and executive coaches further reinforces development and ensures the participants receive consistent feedback and guidance.

The Results

The program is now in its fifth year and going strong. Since 2009, hundreds of Managing Directors have polished their communication skills and strengthened their relationships with senior management, internal colleagues and external clients. Program participants described the sessions as “fantastic,” “exceptionally insightful” and “a great use of time.” At their own request, several senior leaders signed on for additional coaching sessions. They asked to build more skills such as how to interact with the media and how to improve employee morale during difficult market cycles. The program enjoys an excellent reputation and participants continue to spread the positive message to their colleagues about this valuable leadership communication program.

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