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Partnering in the Classroom

Technology Consulting Case Study

The Challenge

A premier global technology company’s learning team reached capacity training new consultants for its Global Business Services division. Business growth and client opportunities necessitated hiring hundreds of new consultants and developing them through an intensive eighteen month training experience, yet internal subject matter experts were tied to current client engagements and weren’t available to teach in the classroom.

The Solution

The learning team turned to Exec-Comm, its professional development partner of 25 years, to help facilitate three-days of a week-long training program using the technology company’s content. Three Exec-Comm instructors learned the content through observation, intensive self-study and practice and displayed their polished delivery skills to co-facilitate multiple sessions throughout the year.

The Results

Since 2011, Exec-Comm has helped teach 30 programs for a total of 104 instructor days and helped develop over 500 technology consultants resulting in the following benefits to its long-term client:

  • Increased instructor capacity and variety
  • Added outside perspective validating content, concepts and skills
  • Modeled premier platform and facilitation skills
  • Developed camaraderie with client learning team

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