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Around the World in 16 Weeks

International Case Study

The Challenge

A global fragrance company requested training to support international employees with effective business writing and presentation skills. They wanted the same skills taught to employees around the globe while taking into account the cultural nuances of each region. The client asked Exec-Comm to:

  • Design a highly specialized program taught in English to participants, for whom English is a second language.
  • Deliver a consistent participant experience on four continents within four months.

The Solution

After six months of partnering with the client to learn about their industry, culture and competition, Exec-Comm rolled out a training program in the Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Argentina, France and the United States. Exec-Comm consulted with the client’s local leaders and HR teams to tailor every program to the region and recognize the unique challenges each international market faced.

To reinforce a universal message, the Exec-Comm consultant who designed the customized content taught the program in seven of the eight international locations. Exec-Comm hand-picked the second instructor for each program based on expertise in the market and knowledge of the native language. When requested, Exec-Comm facilitators, fluent in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Hindi, and Tagalog, coached participants in their native language.

The Results

Exec-Comm instructors traveled 135,000 miles to train 170 individuals in sixteen weeks. The feedback from Asia, Europe, South America and North America remained consistent – 95% of participants felt the content helped them grow professionally and 100% of participants felt others in their company would benefit from the training.

Participants now differentiate themselves from competition by more than just technical expertise. The program created a new company standard for presenting and writing. A unique culture of coaching arose organically after the global rollout. Managers from Amsterdam, Shanghai, Singapore, New York City and São Paulo created a Facebook page to share best practices.

After seeing the change in her employees following the training, a senior manager commented, “We definitely made the right choice. To see the team, and ourselves, grow over a two-day period is more than we could have asked for. You are engaging, know us … and gave the audience ‘all of you.’”

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