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Facilitation Skills

Insurance & Financial Services Case Study

The Challenge

A leading insurance and financial services firm trains top field advisors to conduct workshops for the employees of their corporate clients. Advisors hope that some of the employees at these workshops turn into individual clients; however, they face these challenges:

  • Advisors need to prove that they can present and facilitate well to a corporate audience
  • Building rapport with attendees during the workshops is challenging, because:
    • Large groups usually attend the workshops, making it hard to give attention to each attendee
    • The workshops are short, which does not give the advisors a lot of time to connect with attendees
    • The advisors do not benefit from a prior relationship with attendees
    • Attendees do not come to the workshop through a referral system

The firm co-developed a training seminar with another training company. This company could not provide the resources to run as many programs as the firm would have liked.

The Solution

The firm turned to Exec-Comm to help deliver their existing program. Exec-Comm reviewed the program and proposed a new approach. We promised to teach transferrable skills and foster sustainable behavior change.

The firm depends on Exec-Comm to certify each advisor as a facilitator. Exec-Comm provides a scorecard and recordings of each agent to the firm, which they share with the program leaders. To maximize their investment and sustain the skills, the firm also hired Exec-Comm to train others at the firm on how to coach advisors.

The Results

Since 2009, 22 Exec-Comm instructors have trained over 400 facilitators. We have helped advisors improve their presentation, story-telling and facilitation skills. We have certified 99.2% of the advisors. Collaborating with Exec-Comm the firm has created:

  • A team of polished facilitators
  • A record of consistent performance
  • A culture of excellence

Several participants, who have served as advisors for over 20 years, claim that Exec-Comm’s course is the most valuable they have ever attended.

One advisor said that at his initial workshop after his Exec-Comm training, he scheduled meetings with ten attendees out of 11. He continues to experience at least a 50% conversion rate; he says that, “using his Exec-Comm skills, he is able to gain the confidence and trust of workshop attendees in a short time.”

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