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Simply Said is the essential handbook for business communication.

Banking & Financial Services

Wealth Advisor Case Study

The Challenge

A leading global wealth management firm sought to develop the soft skills of its most successful financial advisors.  They wanted to answer the question:  How do you keep your most productive people at the top of their game in a rapidly changing and highly competitive industry?

The Solution

They created a four month accreditation program to grow the communication and technical skills of their top financial advisors.  In the process, they turned to Exec-Comm, since we partnered with them for more than ten years.  Together we designed and delivered classroom training to improve the advisors’ client meeting, selling and presentation skills.

Enhancing the experience, we trained a team of client “actors” to play the role of affluent clients during digitally recorded mock meetings. Then our team of consultants reviewed the recordings and assessed the financial advisors’ communication skills.  This approach added objectivity, consistency, professionalism and rigor to the accreditation process.

The Results

Since 2008, the financial advisors who have participated in the accreditation process have performed 40% better than their peers on key industry metrics like net new money under management.  Despite the recent financial crisis, our client has enrolled more than one thousand advisors in the national program.  In addition, the collaboration with Exec-Comm helped the global wealth management firm to:

  • Attract and retain key talent – attrition rate went from 17% to 7% with Financial Advisors citing deep appreciation to participate in industry leading program
  • Enhance the client experience
  • Foster chemistry of advisor teams


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