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Daniel Vicente

Technical Manager

Dan Vicente is the technical manager at Exec-Comm. He works closely with the partners of the firm on a number of initiatives. Primarily, he manages Exec-Comm’s Learning Management System, supporting both employees and participants.  Additionally, he provides network support, desktop support, and purchases the technology used internally and to teach Exec-Comm seminars. 

In addition to his technical responsibilities, Dan manages Exec-Comm’s Document Production & Shipping department.  He leads a team that coordinates and ships Exec-Comm’s training materials. In this role, he also manages Exec-Comm’s team of Cristo Rey High School interns, where he focuses on mentoring and preparing them for the business world.

Finally, Dan heads Exec-Comm’s Community Committee which is responsible for planning events and celebrations with a heavy focus on maintaining business community. He also sits on a number of other committees, including the Marketing, Quality & Design, JEDI, Newsletter, and NASA committees. His work on these committees ranges from managing in-house video projects, to maintaining and enhancing our internal database, to unifying the teaching materials and logistics for Exec-Comm training seminars.

Dan lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter.

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