Lauren Perl

Director of Finance

Lauren is an experienced Finance Director and business leader. With decades of experience in both Fortune 500 companies and high growth start-up operations, she has extensive knowledge in mitigating risks, defining best practices and streamlining systems and tools that will drive profitable growth. Driven to ensure the smooth running of the firm’s finances, Lauren uses her strong analytical skills to oversee the financial operations of the firm, mitigate risks and improve processes that drive profitable growth and bring operational excellence.

Past Experience

Prior to Exec-Comm, Lauren spent most of her early career in the entertainment industry. In her previous roles as the Director of Finance at The Orchard/Sony Music Group and Universal Music Group, Lauren delivered critical financial insights and analysis while also overseeing the HR & Payroll functions. She joined The Orchard when they were 50 employees and $30M in revenue and played an integral part in the growth to 500 plus employees and tracking an estimated $600M in revenue. She also was an instrumental part of the pre and post work related to the Sony acquisition. Prior to that, she was the Director of Finance at Revlon where she minimized inventory issues and raised profit margins by implementing an innovative technology solution and aligned functionality with business needs.


University of Michigan

Bachelor's Degree, Economics

Fun Facts

When she is not on her computer analyzing spreadsheets, Lauren is breaking sweat on her Peloton and expressing herself through dance. She currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and two children.