Katrina Murphy

Consultant, N. America

Katrina Murphy works with professionals in a variety of industries to improve their presentation, writing, and leadership skills. She brings 15 years of litigation experience to Exec-Comm and is a member of the Law Firm Practice group. Her audience-focused approach helps professionals communicate more effectively and with a strong presence.

Other Experience

Before joining Exec-Comm, Katrina specialized in complex litigation cases. She devised and implemented litigation strategies for numerous clients on national, state, and case specific levels. Katrina focused on presenting multifaceted issues in a clear, concise manner. In addition to coaching and developing her own teams, Katrina helped select, train, and prepare experts and corporate representatives. As National Coordinating Counsel for a Fortune 500 company, Katrina also managed and trained local counsel nationwide. Katrina is admitted to the New York State Bar and the Eastern, Northern, and Southern District Courts. Katrina was previously admitted to the High Court of New Zealand.


Victoria University of Wellington (NZ)

Bachelor's Degree, Law (L.L.B.)

Victoria University of Wellington (NZ)

Bachelor's Degree, Commerce and Administration in Public Policy

Fun Facts

Katrina is the co-chair of the Women in Litigation Affinity Group of the National Association of Women Lawyers. Katrina lives with her husband in New York City. During her free time, Katrina enjoys reading, exploring the city, and traveling further afield with her husband.