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Communicating to Resolve Conflict

Uncertainty and stress affect people in different ways. Well-intended comments and opinions can be misinterpreted, turning every day conversations into unproductive arguments – and misunderstandings become even more likely when we’re working remotely.

Workshop Details


While you can’t avoid all work conflicts, you can change the way you handle these interactions. Exec-Comm’s Communicating to Resolve Conflict instructor-led virtual workshop will give you practical techniques and a framework to address conflicts more effectively, manage difficult conversations well, and build better working relationships.


  • Increase confidence and competence in communicating direct, constructive messages
  • Ask questions and listen for key insights to open the lines of communication
  • Use a collaborative problem-solving framework to resolve disagreements
  • Handle hostile or emotional confrontations more effectively
  • Develop more productive work relationships with your colleagues

Interactive Learning

You will acquire skills through instructor briefings, discussion, and group exercises. A typical half-hour includes 10 minutes of briefings and 20 minutes of discussion, practice and skill building.

Time and Fee

1:00 – 3:00 pm ET

$295 USD


Virtual Date

• December 15, 2022

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