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Exec-Comm Joins 100+ Organizations to Support COVID-19 Action Agenda


Ten organizations are leading conveners for business leaders in championship for diverse communities: Pan-Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, women, LGBTQ, Native Americans, persons with disabilities, and employees of all and no faiths. We redouble on our mission of promoting inclusion and stand together in collaboration to address the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. While low-wage earners are particularly vulnerable during this public health and economic crisis, the coronavirus outbreak has also claimed disproportionate numbers of lives in communities of color and has given rise to a surge of anti-Asian sentiment. We join the growing list of Supporting Companies in affirming the following 5-Point Action Agenda:

  • Promote Inclusion: Advocate for a diverse and inclusive workplace and society 
  • Raise Awareness: Highlight the unique impacts of COVID-19 on vulnerable groups  
  • Denounce Bias: Encourage individuals to report virus-linked discriminatory acts against Pan-Asians and other targeted groups and communities in the workplace and in public 
  • Support Communities: Contribute time, knowledge and / or other resources to aid frontline workers, COVID-19 victims and families  
  • Give Donations: Provide funds and/or other resources to support vulnerable populations of people and impacted businesses

Finding sustainable solutions to the current public health, social and economic challenges is a global imperative. ...Read more

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