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The Team Advantage Plan

Save up to 15% by purchasing multiple seats in advance!

Planning to send multiple employees to an Exec-Comm public program? Join our Team Advantage Plan (TAP) to save while investing in your team!

TAP is perfect for all businesses. Whether your team is spread across the country or all in one office, TAP gives you the flexibility to train your employees when and where is best for them. Purchase multiple seats and receive the TAP discount!

Your team will receive the same premiere Exec-Comm experience from New York to San Francisco, from January to December.

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TAP Discounts
5 Seats 5%
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15 Seats 15%
20 Seats* 15%

Standard Pricing
Dynamic Interactions: $995
Leading with Executive Presence: $995
Motivating & Mentoring: $995
Presenting with Impact: $995
Simply Said: $745
Write for Results: $895

All purchases are valid for one year from the date of purchase. 
*The purchase of 20 seats guarantees your price for 2 years – even if our rates increase.

Simply Said
Simply Said
Simply Said is the essential handbook for business communication.

Business Context

How do you put your best foot forward in the virtual world? Maybe you want to boost your sales performance, maybe you’re striving for a career change or promotion, or maybe you’re a recent grad searching for your first industry-related job. Crafting the right personal brand is necessary to help you get and stay ahead.

Challenge & Solution

Whether in-person, virtual, or on social media, you need to make a positive and memorable impression. Developing a personal brand doesn’t just happen overnight, or by accident. It takes time, effort, analysis, and know-how.

Exec-Comm’s Enhancing Your Online Brand instructor-led virtual workshop gives you the tools to build and fine-tune your personal brand both for live settings and on social media.

Participant Benefits

After participating in this program, you will:

  • Define your unique super-power
  • Strengthen your professional physical presence
  • Look your best in virtual settings
  • Develop strong messages to demonstrate your value
  • Enhance your social media profile to highlight your talents using keywords
  • Engage effectively with others on social media

Interactive Learning

You will acquire skills through video recording, group exercises, business specific role plays, and instructor coaching. A typical half-hour includes about 10 minutes of briefing and 20 minutes of practice and skill building.

Course Details

Instructor-Led Virtual
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET
Fee: $295 USD
- January 27
- April 7

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