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Simply Said
Simply Said is the essential handbook for business communication.

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Negotiation Skills

Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP

Business Context

The knot in your stomach as you prepare to negotiate a deal tells you how vital this discussion will be in the success of your business. Winning in business usually means getting specific results. However, a winning negotiation with colleagues, clients, suppliers and vendors means both parties not only achieve their goals but build a stronger relationship.  

Challenge & Solution

We tend to think of negotiation as a competition. Yet lasting success requires a different approach. It demands we move beyond competing—to cooperating and even collaborating. 

Exec-Comm's Negotiation Skills program introduces business professionals to a process and skills that build confidence, creative solutions, measurable results and long-term relationships.

Participant Benefits

After participating in this program, you will:

  • Understand the six stages of negotiation
  • Discover the value of collaboration and practice techniques to encourage it
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your Personal Communication Style in negotiations
  • Organize a strategy before, during and after a negotiation
  • Learn to use currencies appropriately and effectively when negotiating
  • Gain confidence in your ability to negotiate difficult agreements
  • Adjust your approach to negotiating when circumstances demand flexibility

Interactive Learning

You will acquire skills through negotiation role plays, group exercises and instructor coaching.  A typical half-hour includes 10 minutes of instructor briefing and 20 minutes of practice and skill building.

Customization & Sustainability

  • Content: We can tailor the title, role plays, skills, exercises, and timing to meet your needs.
  • Setting: This program works in large group, small group, and team settings.
  • Duration: From standard one-day programs to brief showcases or webinars, we can work within your timeframe.
  • Sustainability Tools: We provide “skills trackers,” checklists, planners, email reminders, access to, continued instructor access, and our book, Simply Said, to extend the learning and increase skill retention.