Simply Said
Simply Said
Simply Said is the essential handbook for business communication.

Very helpful on all levels for both positions we are in and going to be in. The topics and skills are easy to understand and practice.

Motivating & Mentoring


Case Study

Leadership Development

The Cahn Fellows Program for Distinguished New York City Principals at Teachers College, Columbia University needed a capstone learning event for its Summer Leadership Institute. View more to learn how Exec-Comm helped.

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Business Context

You were promoted because you’re smart, worked hard, and achieved. But as a leader, you quickly realized that it’s not simply about you or your accomplishments anymore… now success flows from inspiring your team and developing their skills.

Challenge & Solution

How can you shift your focus and energy to your team so that they are empowered and supported to do their best work? How do you balance the needs of the employee and the requirements of the business?

Exec-Comm’s Motivating & Mentoring program helps you successfully manage others, develop high performing teams, and create more productive working relationships.

Participant Benefits

After participating in this program, you will:

  • Understand the influence of Personal Communication Styles on behavior
  • Tap into individual motivators
  • Employ holistic listening skills
  • Delegate complex assignments clearly
  • Adjust your level of supervision to your employee’s capabilities
  • Give balanced and constructive performance feedback
  • Create an environment that optimizes team performance
  • Coach people to expand and add to their skill sets
  • Guide more junior employees through strong mentorship
  • Handle pushback and emotional reactions effectively

Interactive Learning

You will acquire skills through video recording, group exercises, business specific role plays, and instructor coaching. A typical half-hour includes 10 minutes of instructor briefing and 20 minutes of practice and skill building.

Customization & Sustainability

  • Content: We can tailor the title, skills, exercises, and timing to meet your needs.
  • Setting: This program works in large group, small group, and one-on-one settings.
  • Duration: From standard two-day programs to brief showcases or webinars, we can work within your timeframe.
  • Sustainability Tools: We provide “skills trackers,” checklists, planners, email reminders, access to, continued instructor access, and our book, Simply Said, to extend the learning and increase skill retention.